Sally Kempton - Jan's meditation teacher

Cheryl Harris - Denver area acupuncturist:  720.231.3526

Yoga Teachers of Colorado - Find a member Yoga teacher or studio in Colorado

Yoga Alliance - Find a registered Yoga teacher or school

Dr. Timothy McCall - Yoga as medicine

Yoga Journal - all around resource - great source for yoga props. This generous company donated 80 yoga mats to the OmLess Project!

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I would follow Jan anywhere! 

- Sheera G.

I appreciate the soothing quality of your voice.  My gratitude is as deep and timeless as the ocean.  Thank you! 

- A grateful prenatal student

I appreciate so much your caring and excellent teaching - and your first-class...humanity!  

- Lynn 

More Reviews

You have helped me more than you know... You are a great beginner teacher because you give such individualized instructions and help, and because you show us not just the poses but the principles behind them.  My body had failed me, and I didn't know when I would get my life back again.  Your class gave me back my confidence in my body.  This helped me throughout the spring as I healed and slowly picked up parts of my life again, and it helped me through my pregnancy to feel capable and strong.  You show all of us that pregnancy is not a medical weakness... but a condition of strength...  

- MC mother of Isaac 

I have dropped 9 pounds since I started yoga, along with several other things (I've been jogging and attending a kick boxing session here on our campus). I have noticed that yoga has really helped me with my breathing during my running, it has improved at least 99.9%.I have also noticed that yoga really helps me with my confidence. I just had a meeting where I had to be assertive and I don't think I would have handled it as well as I did had I not just come from yoga class. I probably would have given in, but I think the yoga helped me think clearly and I really  had command of what was flowing in my mind and coming out of my mouth. I have not always been able to say that.

I was so happy to have finally met you and taken your class on Saturday.  Having only returned to practicing two months ago, I find my body is not as willing as it used to be but it’s getting there and I am learning patience.  As I typically experience a wonderful release in both body and mind after a practice, I find days later I’m still feeling a new lightness and perspective after Saturday’s class.  I truly feel your presence radiates to everyone in the room, and I am certainly a lucky beneficiary.
- Kate

Thank you again and again - the contribution of your presence and the experience you provided moved the team to a new and for many unexpectedly positive place - so appreciated, all the work and discussions could not have brought to the work and mission what you did - and we all thank you.  Very positive feedback today from the team as well.  As I left the attorney, pulled me aside and said he never expected the yoga to "work" - and offered that it was a total success.  
You were, as always wonderful.
- Kay

 Hatha Yoga with Jan is excellent, thorough, healing. She modifies each class to meet the needs of her students. 

- Neil S.  

 Jan is a supportive and motivational teacher who has guided me skillfully into the world of Yoga.  

- Renee R.  

 Jan is an amazing teacher!  We love you Jan!  

- Lynn, Jennifer, Marilyn, Michael, John, Theresa, Barbara  

 Jan is an incredible teacher.  The prenatal Yoga practice was the only thing that stopped my sciatica.  Thank you! 

- M.  

 I had someone tell me I was "glowing" this morning. It's amazing what a great yoga class will do for you!!! 

- CB

 After a Thursday morning class  

 You have no idea how much you've helped me.  After months of constant pain from sciatica, I am now pain free! 

- DH  

 Thank you.  It was such a magic night last night.  I wish I could go every week twice a week. 

- H. 

 I just wanted to share with you how much I appreciate our class every week.  

 So, thanks again! It's really made a big difference for me! 

- J.S. (workplace yoga student) 

 Thank you for a wonderful class tonight. It was exactly what i needed. If I haven't mentioned it lately you are a blessing in my life. Have a good night.  

- C.H. 

 Jan intuited exactly how tired I was and guided me through a series of restorative poses that made me feel so much better.  That night I fell right asleep without any trouble. 

- Diana W.  

 I enjoyed your yoga class very much and will recommend it to anyone. 

- Joanna  

 I attended my first class with you today .  You many not know , but my feet were acking real bad and after the session the pain almost disappeared !! Thank you ...
- MMB 

 I experienced the power of yoga this morning in all ways they claim it works! I was in the worst, tired mood when I came to work, but after an hour of yoga, I feel soooooo much better. What a blessing to be able to experience that. 

- HS  

 Rehearsals with the band are keeping me from regular Yoga class attendance but I sure do use, during my day-to-day activities, so much of what you have taught me.  It is, indeed, portable.  And I thank you for your teachings. 

- Aaron  

 Whatever I say or do would hardly be adequate to show my sincere appreciation for the kindness and help you have offered me... I will always treasure my memories of meeting you and attending your oh! so good classes. 

- Joyce A. (Puna India)  

 I developed varicose veins with my 3rd pregnancy. The inversion positions in Jan's class have caused them to begin to recede. The pains in my joints are also going away and I sleep better.  Also, my doctor saw a marked improvement in my skeletal muscles since I began practicing yoga with Jan. 

- Rachel S. 

 Thanks for all of your support and kind words during my pregnancy. I could not have done it without you!! Practicing yoga with you has made my pregnancy and labor and delivery so much easier. I am lucky to have you as an instructor! 

- RK mother Kailyn Rose born October 26th.  

Congratulations RK and welcome to this world Kailyn Rose!   

 I really believe that your pre-natal yoga classes helped make this an awesome pregnancy!  There wasn't one time I left one of your classes not feeling totally refreshed, relaxed and just 100% better than I had when I walked in the room.  I used so many of the techniques I learned while I was in labor and especially when I was pushing.  The nurses kept telling me how flexible I was and how that makes it all so much easier to push that baby out!  You do such a great job!  

- Kim T. (New Mom of a beautiful baby boy and former Pre-natal Yoga student)  

 Jan, you were absolutely my favorite prenatal Yoga teacher.  I always felt the best after your class.  Your teaching techniques were perfect - you never pushed too hard, always asked what the group wanted to work on, made a point of introducing yourself and new class members, shared advice and tips, helped people in the class with the moves and made sure that everyone was comfortable and working at their own pace.  I really am going to miss going to your class. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend a different kind of yoga class that you teach!"  

 Class Friday rocked! I was wondering if you have written down what we did on Friday?  My right side, especially my hip, as been out of whack since a scooter ascendant I had about a year ago.  What we did on Friday rocked because I could feel my right hip slipping back into place thus my walking was more even and smooth-soo cool! 

- Leslie (Yoga at Work client) 

 Jan is very aware of students, their levels, and how to help.  

- Laura B.  

 You are an incredible teacher! 

- CG